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Gail Hoover
Senior Professionals

If you are in the growing field of helping seniors, I’d be more than happy to discuss how I can help you and your clients. One of the things I have realized in this field is that people underestimate just how hard it is to get out of a home – and how much help they really need. That’s where I can come in.

I’ve worked with quite a few senior professionals, including:

  • Retirement communities: I’ve helped to move seniors into retirement communities by making them realize that leaving their house doesn’t have to be as painful as they fear. When a retirement community is looking to help one of their new tenants move out of their old home as easily as possible, they call me.
  • Attorneys: Trusted attorneys are frequently the first place that a senior will go when they are looking at a major, life-changing experience. I’ve worked with attorneys in that capacity because they know I can help their valued clients.
  • Doctors and physical therapists: It often comes down to medical professionals to help their patients realize that they are no longer able to safely live in their long-held family home. When this happens, they call me, because they know I can help ease the transition of their seniors.
  • Moving companies: There is nothing worse for a moving company than showing up at a house, only to have to sort through decades of possessions with indecisive and emotional homeowners. I can make a movers job easier by assisting a client in packing, sorting and disposing of possessions, thus making a mover’s job easier by saving them countless man-hours!

Ways I’ve worked with these groups include:

  • Free consultation and quote: I’m always happy to talk, review a home and give an obligation-free quote to you or your client. If this is something I can help you with, just contact me.
  • Seminars: I’ve spoken in front of groups of seniors to tell them about my services, as well as provide advice and tips about how to move and what to look for in a new home. All of these seminars are, of course, obligation free, and designed to help people make more educated decisions. Click here for more information.
  • Business groups: So many of us have elderly parents who are looking at making the decision to downsize and move out of their home. Much of the time, this burden falls to children and other relatives. As such, I can come in and speak with these family members, helping them to prepare for the day when they have to move their family.