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Gail Hoover
How I Operate

Moving an elderly relative out of the home that they have lived in for decades can be a long and trying process. Fortunately, with Empty Nest Home Sales, we have created a step-by-step process that makes the move and sale as easy as possible. You meet with me, hand me the keys, and go! I’ll take care of all the work and keep you informed every step of the way.

  1. First meeting: You tell me what you are looking for and how I can help.
  2. Get your stuff: You walk through the house and remove anything of emotional or financial importance to you or your relative.
  3. Cleaning out the house: Depending on the amount and type of possessions, I will arrange to have things sold at an estate sale, donated or thrown out.
  4. Repairs: Homes that have been occupied for decades usually aren’t ready to go right to the market without serious work. Fortunately, my list of contacts and contractors is second to none, and since I’ve been doing this for decades, I know what to look for. We’ll make sure that all of the home’s systems are ready to go and handle any electrical, plumbing, HVAC or other repair work that needs to get done.
  5. Cleaning the whole house: Give me the keys, and I’ll take care of the rest. We’ll make sure that the walls are cleaned, the carpet has been shampooed at the home is looking its best before we put it up for sale.
  6. Final inspections: If necessary, I make sure that the home is up to code before going to an inspector to make sure we can get a Certificate of Occupancy.
  7. Ready for sale: We’re now ready to go! I handle putting the home on the market, listing it, showing it and making the final sale. All you have to do is sign the papers and collect the check!

Throughout this entire process I communicate with you as much (or as little!) as you would like, giving you regular updates, sending you pictures, relaying quotes from contractors and making sure you know what is happening at your family home.