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Gail Hoover

Sell Your Home Fast with Home Staging

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home?
When you are finally ready to take the plunge and move on, selling your home rapidly – at the best possible price - is what matters most.  A fast sale gives you the cash and flexibility you need to make your next decision quickly & easily.

Hoover_Before-and-after.jpgYour House Will Stand Out!

Moving a home from listing to sale quickly can be a challenge, but you can set your property apart. Home Staging can turn your house into a showpiece that creates a bidding war and the quick sale you need.

As a home seller, you know you need to make your house listing stand out. Most home buyers can’t see beyond the seller’s paint choices, personal items and accessories. They simply have a very hard time visualizing how a home will look with their own colors and furnishings. 

With Home Staging, we can create an inviting space that brings potential buyers through the door. We can

   - Improve the listing photos 

   - Get more people visiting during open houses

   - Receive higher offers 

   - Sell faster

Let’s face it; selling a house is highly competitive. There are a lot of other listings out there to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to the small number of home buyers who might be able to see past your lifestyle & home design choices!

Make Potential Buyers Fall In Love!
Home buyers buy on emotion. When they see the possibilities and fall in love with your house, your selling price increases. Home Staging can give your house the edge it needs to create that emotional connection. We can make your house look bigger, more relaxing, and just like the home they want to live in. 

Gail Hoover and her team can transform your home for resale, while staying within your budget. From simple staging with new furniture, art, plants and rugs to full-service staging consulting with paint choices, flooring and tile consulting, we’ll help you make the most of your house.

Call Gail Hoover at 610-217-8136.

Just one call to Gail turns your selling process into the easiest thing you’ve ever done. She’ll connect you with everyone you need to have your house sell for top dollar … FAST!