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Gail Hoover

Estate Home Sales

Helping Seniors and Their Families Sell

Has a traumatic event left you with a huge responsibility of selling the family home?  
Whether your loved one has passed away, entered a health care facility or simply wants to move to a retirement community, cleaning out a home with 40 years of memories is difficult - both physically and emotionally.

allentown home.jpgWhat if you could simply hand the keys to someone you trust to clean out, repair, and market the family home for you?  And what if - as you focus on your family - the house sold in 30 days?

You can experience a stress-free home sale.

"My 93-year-old mother had a heart attack and could never return to her house. Because I lived in a different state, I met with Gail Hoover. Besides doing an exceptional job of marketing the house, and advertising it properly, she handled all of necessary paperwork, set up all of the permits and house inspections, hired contractors to do the necessary repairs, supervised the final clean out of fifty-six years worth of accumulated materials and many other tasks. I was relieved of all of that so I could help my Mom. Gail sold the house for a very good price in twenty-eight days … unbelievable in today's housing market."
Barry Gibisser

Gail Hoover, REALTOR®  specializes in helping seniors and their families sell their home quickly, letting you worry about what is most important - family.

Gail's unique services help families experiencing painful changes or those located in other areas of the country-far from Mom and Dad.  When you need the house cleaned out, minor repairs made, the house staged and ready for sale, Gail can do it all.

She protects you and your family by taking on inspections and certificates of occupancy to avoiding potential fines for garbage and lawn care.

Gail understands how large a project it can be to empty out the house, get it cleaned up and ready for market, deal with the city inspections needed and handle any required repairs. It can be a very time consuming and difficult job. Gail's team can help. She offers these services:
  • contents auction
  • charity pickup
  • painting
  • cleaning
  • general repairs
  • getting the estate home ready for market and sold

Call Gail Hoover today at 610-217-8136
Eliminate the stress of selling the family home. All you need to do is give Gail the key, remove your cherished family belongings  and relax. 

"My wife and I are 88 years of age. We are set in our ways and easily shocked. We almost did not survive when we put our house up for sale. The Realtor showed up at our house wearing shorts. We didn't feel this was the way a Realtor should dress. But we listened carefully as Gail spoke to us. When the house sold on the first day it was for sale, at a price greater than we asked, we were overjoyed. Now we only recommend Gail Hoover who dresses in SHORTS!"
Viola & Rev. Ralph Hellerich

 "Gail handled the sale of my 91-year-old Aunt’s house in Allentown, PA. I live in Arizona and needed someone whom I could trust to help me clean out the house and fix it up. She had two offers within days of the open house, and a contract was signed for more than the asking price. It was a great relief to have someone as professional and capable as Gail."
Mary A. Snyder